Fairyland Slot Online

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The Fairy Land Casino Entertainment Idea

A backwater is a place inhabited by frogs and that sounds inspirational for this kind of the semiaquatic animals that offers impressive wins. The main hero of this free slot is the frog – traveler. It has got into some trap on this backwater. You are to help her get out of it, she can hardly cope with this task without any aid (this service is generously paid).

The Main Course of the Fairy Land Gaming Performance

The raisin of the mentioned gaming machine is that it allows the player to become the true fairy hero. Your aim is to participate actively in the gaming story: first – activate quickly all the needed functions (the names of the buttons will give you the hint) and start catching all the funny and generous winning sets, which can consist of various images. Be attentive!

The “Bar” inscription occurs very often but doesn’t give any huge prize in this free video slot. The butterflies and the snails are more attractive from this point of view. The chameleon is the Wild icon, just like the joker, it can acquire the meaning of any other icon letting the value of the pattern increase. The highest price belongs to the logotype of the game. Five icons with “Fairyland” multiply your bet by 3000. The Frog icons (three, four, or five) initiate the bonus round and can occur in any place, even within the lines, which were not activated.

The Additional Course of the Fairy Land Gaming Performance

To open the extra game you need to catch at least three frogs on the screen. Further, you are to help the frog reach the land within several steps. Each one will increase the win in this online slot. The successful first part of the extra round in this free slot offers the second, in which the player should recognize the frog’s eyes overtopping the pond’s surface (trying not to mix them with the crocodile’s).

The risk activity connected with the forecast of the color of the given downturned card activates after the awarded combo appearance.