Entropay Casinos in Australia

Entropay was closed down on the 1st of July 2019. Visit our Payment Options page to find alternatives. Entropay is the virtual credit card that is designed specifically for online transactions. People use Entropay similarly to how they use such familiar payment systems as PayPal. This is a prepaid virtual credit card that is perfect for instant online payment. The card by Entropay can be used the same way you use your plastic card, but the card itself and the data on it is generated in the electronic database.

Simply put, Entropay is the credit card you can carry in your phone instead of your actual wallet. You can use it in the supermarket, you can order food online, and most importantly, you can perform any online transactions of your choice using this card. It allows for instantaneous payments in any casino that accepts Visa cards, which means you can use Entropay virtual card almost anywhere, including most online casinos in Australia and abroad.

Year Launched2003
Deposit AlternativesSkrill, Neteller, iDebit
Payment MethodE-Wallet

Why We Like Entropay

Entropay was launched back in 2003 to give users the opportunity to pay for the services online regardless of their location. Back then, having a business online was not a very popular thing: Facebook and YouTube did not even exist back then, and Entropay was the first Visa-based online payment system online. This fact alone makes this company a veteran online business that has been around since the very dawn of the Internet the way we know it today. As online businesses started to get popular, so the service was there to provide merchants and buyers with a fast and comfortable P2P payment service.


People tend to trust experience, and we surely do so too. That is why we trust Entropay online casino as one of the most experienced players in its field. One of the major advantages of the service is that the users do not have to pay any annual fees or any fees whatsoever. This is a prepaid card, so once you buy it, you can enjoy all of its services without having to pay for them. You can convey any number of transactions for free, you can deposit and withdraw money without any charges, and you do not have to pay any maintenance fees. That is why this card fits the online casino Entropay payers best. You can deposit and withdraw as many times as you need to, and you will not lose a single penny in the process.

The second big advantage of Entropay is its 128-bit encryption system that makes any breach to the system’s databases literally impossible. This is one of the most advanced encryption systems even military agencies use, and as far as we are concerned, there has never been a single breach into Entropay’s system since they started using the 128-bit encryption. It is an extremely reliable system that ensures the safety of your money so you can relax and simply enjoy the comfort of using the service.


What troubles us about Entropay, is that is is an almost exclusively European payment system that is not available neither in the US nor Australia. Using Entropay might be challenging in Australia, but it is legal, so stick with us to learn the way to use Entropay in Australia. There are many online casinos that support the Entropay payment system in Australia, and you are most likely already familiar with some of these casinos.

How to Use Entropay

You start with ordering a card from Entropay. The support department usually processes card applications within a couple of minutes, so you will not wait long. Once they are done processing your request, you’ll have to fill an application form, which will take you some 2 minutes. Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of Entropay virtual card. Enjoy.

Once you have your card, you can make your deposit. There are three ways of making a deposit, and each one is super-easy. First, you can install a mobile app from App Store or Go To Market and use it as your main command platform for all the transactions with Entropay. Second, you can install the Entropay client to your computer, which will work the same way as the phone app does. Third, you can maintain all the same operations using your personal cabinet on Entropay official website. The options are plentiful, and the opportunities are limitless.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can start making deposits immediately. Tied to your Visa card, Entropay is easy to deposit to; hence, you can go on and place any amount of money on your Entropay card. Withdrawing your money is going to be easy too, so stick around.

After you make your deposit, you can transfer your money to the casino online Entropay of your choice and enjoy the game. Once you win, you are free to transfer your money back to the Entropay card in accordance with the withdrawal policies your casino offers. At this point, you are free to spend your hard-earned money. You will have to pay a small fee for withdrawal, which will constitute $6 only for any amount of money you withdraw.

You can use Entropay to play any online casino officially available in Australia, so there basically are no limitations for you to use this particular payment system. Although Entropay is not officially represented in Australia, it is still completely legal, and there are no problems with using it in Australia. All you have to do is create an account, and you are ready to go.

Basically, you have almost limitless opportunities with Entropay as it gives you access to almost any legal online casino in the country.


As you can see, Entropay is one of the most reliable payment systems that exist today. Paired with the fact that Entropay is a real long-timer in P2P payment operations, it is fair to say these guys do know what they are doing. Of all the available options, Entropay is arguably the most reliable and reputable.


🍁 Are Entropay Casino Deposits Allowed in Australia?

Yes, this virtual card is available for Australian users since it is accepted across 14 different currencies, and the Australian Dollar is one of them.

🍁 Can I Use Entropay in Mobile Casinos?

Yes, you can if the casino accepts it. Since Entropay is a debit card that you top up prior to use, you can use it for deposits at online casinos just the same way you would other cards.

🍁 Is It Safe to Go To at Entropay Casinos?

Yes, if you work with a casino with eCOGRA approval that assures you of safety for information shared.

🍁 Do All Casinos Accept Entropay Deposits?

Not all casinos accept Entropay as a deposit method. As a matter of fact, most do not anymore. You can do a quick online check to see whether your preferred casino dos before opening an account.