Poker Pursuit

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The variety of poker games are several on gambling online websites, and Poker Pursuit is a poker-like a game that incorporates certain different rules. Traditional video poker games are those that are played on machines at a live casino bear similarity with this game in terms of graphics. Casino Online offers this game in an easy player-friendly interface. Once you are familiar with the game rules, start to play with real money to enjoy the chances of winning big.

Rules to follow

The steps to follow when playing Poker Pursuit are:

  • You need to place an initial bet by clicking on Minus or Plus button which allows you to choose the coin sizes you wish to wager with.
  • Save the bet amount and then click on the Deal button.
  • The first phase is then started, and here three cards are dealt out.
  • The initial cards need to be examined after which players can call or ask for a raise; when Call button is clicked you need not do anything else. If the Raise button is clicked, you need to raise the bet by one more coin.
  • This launches the second phase, and the fourth card is dealt.
  • Once the fourth card is shown, you can then call or rise again. This will then lead to a third or final phase of the game wherein the fifth card is shown.

After the fifth card is dealt, it is the final card shown and if the player has a winning hand by this time the payout is done as per the payout table.

Payouts in Poker Pursuit

The winnings are showcased in the Win box. Winning payout is determined by the hand that the player holds which is multiplied by the number of coins a player wagers. Poker Pursuit winning hands are a pair of tens or higher values. Royal flush leads to highest payout in which case the payout is 1000 to 1 ratio. Maximum three coins can be a bet which can be raised twice, and 3000 coins are obtained in a royal flush.

When a player does not have winning hands, the game is deemed over, and the player can start from the beginning. The winning combinations in this game are akin to classic winning hands in poker.

Strategies to pursue

A good strategy in this game is to try to win big when one has good hands and to lose small when hands are not that great. If you are likely to win, then call for a Raise whereas if the potential payout involves risks then opt to Call. For instance, when there are four clubs in hand, it is best to rise. Even though the odds of obtaining another Club reduce, this could mean that one might lose the bet, but the payout is 9 to 1 which makes chances worth it. This kind of payout odds, even if it involves a win, one out of six times, will help one to stay ahead and increase chances of winning.

Differences from video poker

Poker Pursuit differs from video poker in several aspects. For instance, the player is given three cards and not five when the game begins. The initial bet needs to be placed before cards are distributed.

The player can then decide to bet or place a call to get another card. After the next card is dealt, the player can either wager more money or stand by what they have till they are given another card. With the player receiving all five cards the game ends.

Payout in this game depends on the hands collected by the player. Standard rankings in this game include payouts beginning with a pair of tens while Poker Pursuit would lead to better payouts for higher hands. It is considered a limit poker game as players are allowed to bet with a limited amount. The number of coins chosen at the beginning will determine the number of wagers through the game.


Poker Pursuit is more of a chance game than of skill. There is no possibility of drawing cards which means players do not have any influence on what the final outcome would be.

In order to enjoy the game, it is best to know the essentials and then start playing. It allows players to wager less and chances exist of winning big. Casino Online has profitable bonuses and welcome offers that can help players start on a high. That would ensure that players have enough to wager on the game and play over and over till they are able to see profitable winnings in their accounts.