Thunder Reels Slot Online

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Entrance Activities

  • choose the bet for a line by the bet one button activation
  • press the bet max key if you decide to raise the bet to the maximum possible level
  • hit the spin key to begin

The Thunder Reels Symbols

If any of the symbols mentioned below form the pattern of three equal images, such sets bring the following multiplication indexes:

  • “X” – 5;
  • lemons, cherries, plums, oranges  –  40;
  • dual bar – 60;
  • dual star – 200;
  • dual seven – 750.

Having filled all the fields of the slot, equal fruit images double the prize for all the winning patterns in this free online casino entertainment. To get the access to the details as for the evaluation system press the help key.

The Risk Round

The appearance of any winning set offers the player the chance to make his win many times as big in a variable risk game. The first variant being the card color guessing (doubles the bet), the second – the card suit divining (multiplies the win by 4). The gamer can try any of them. The correct answer in any round raises the win and lets you try this option once again, the wrong one deprives of the entire risk win. However, the player is free to refuse the continuation of the risk round and thus, he can easily preserve the win and come back to the main game with substantial profit being transferred to the main account.