Rex Slot Online

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What better way to spend your spins than by helping man’s best friend on different adventures? Rex is an online slot from Novomatic that has 5 reels and 40 paylines and 3 rows. The game is simple but holds fantastic chances for players to win.

Rex Slot Game Review

This game is based on an Australian series known as Inspector Rex. The police department and the hero, a dog, have various experiences related to everything related to the police department. This is an adventure you don’t want to miss out on. Go Toers get a glimpse of what it feels like to be on the inside of the police department. Some of the essential features being represented by the graphics and game progression.

Game Features

The symbols are handcuffs, a pistol, police siren, a police car, helicopter, Rex’s footprint, and Rex himself. All these are designed to ensure there is authenticity. The symbols are animated, and they are of high quality. Gamblers can go on a few adventures on the free version of the game, but it would be a waste to keep playing for free without the prospects of winning when the game presents so many opportunities.

This is how you win on Rex. With at least 3 scatters, you get bonus rounds where your winnings are tripled. If you are lucky and you see dog food while on the free spins, it is converted to the symbol of Rex, which means more wins. The progressive wins are exciting because the prospective winnings are enormous.

Rex keeps on giving, and at the point where the dog food symbol is replaced by that of the dog, players get to choose whether they want to play in the mini gamble. This feature allows players to select the color of the card. If you get it right, you get your payout multiplied. However, since getting the card color is not assured, some players opt-out of this feature. By clicking on the gamble button, you are choosing the do or die because it’s either you win or lose.

The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter. In Rex, like all other slot games, the aim is to land a winning combination. The game is based on chance, and the only way you manipulate the results you get is by choosing a payline and defining your bet. The value of the coin impacts the wins, so be keen on your choices.

Go Toers must familiarize themselves with Rex instead of going in blind with funds. The game is exciting, and the adventures will keep you hooked for a while once you start playing. This does not mean that you should focus on play and forget about wins. When it comes to the mini gamble option, all you have to do is trust your gut.


🐾 What is the importance of the wild symbol?

If when the reels stop, you get an almost winning combination with one or several symbols missing, the wild completes your combination. This means your chances of winning are increased.

🐾 Is Rex a random slot?

When playing on a trustworthy casino, there will be regard for fairness in gaming. That is how you are reassured that the game is random, and it’s all about chance.

🐾 Do I get the same payout for Rex on all the casinos the game is available?

No. Casinos can change the terms of their payouts on slots. That is why you should play in a casino you trust.

🐾 Do I have to play the mini gamble?

No. With so much at stake in the mini gamble, some players opt not to indulge, and that is acceptable.