Raging Rhino Slot Online

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For many of us, Africa is rather unreachable even in our wildest travel dreams. For some, it may be even unwanted, but this African-themed online slot is the best of both worlds. Pack with features such as free spins scatters and wilds, you can expect to win here as much as 12 grand!

With over 4000 ways to win, we had to try out this slot machine for ourselves and see what all the hype was about. Best start with a few warnings, though. Firstly, the game board jumps out at you, so don’t be started. Secondly, we did not collect the $12,000 so it is still there for one of you lucky ones to claim.

Review & Experience

The Raging Rhino Slot is a WMS Gaming video slot with 6 reels and an impressive 4096 pay lines. As a result, a player can expect some remarkable wins but also some losing streaks. With an African theme and a winning opportunity of over 10k, the game is beautifully designed with a mesmerizing nature skyline scene and animal sound to fill up the silence.

WMS Gaming have a lot of experience in Internet gambling, so you have probably played at least one of their free casino games for fun already. They also did a lot to innovate this sphere by introducing such updates as multi-coin and multi-line bonuses. They may seem second nature to us now, but at their introduction, it was a complete breakthrough for the industry.

The main symbols of the game all follow the main African wildlife theme with images of indigenous animals such as gorillas, crocodiles, leopards and, of course, rhinos. Together with the diamond shape and the African tree, they are diversified with some numbers not to get the gambler too excited and lost.

Gameplay & Bonus Features

Many always seem to think that gambling is connected with losing big sums of money. That’s not always true though, especially when you start playing in practice mode. This demo version of the game is perfect not only to just enjoy yourself and play for fun, but also ideal for learning all the gameplay and bonus features before betting some real money.

Even though 4096 may seem like a lot of ways to win, playing this game still requires the basic knowledge of what to expect. There is the usual of course – the wild substitution symbol in the form of the before-mentioned tree, the scatter symbol in the form of the diamond which the tree cannot substitute. The free spin modes come with a bit of extra entertainment in the form of lively background music and this is the only kind of bonus you can expect here.

The free spins do come in packets of 5 up to 50 and to collect them, a player needs to get anywhere from 2 to 6 scatter icons after a spin. With wildcards, you’ll also be getting a two or three-times multiplier.


For an exciting format free of the standard pay lines struggle, the Ragin Rhino’s way to win is a perfect choice to add some variety to your gambling style. Add some exotic animals, chanting background sounds and you’ve got yourself an adventure from the comfort of your home.


🎰 Where do I play the real deal Raging Rhino Slot Online?

Click on one of the casinos suggested on the page, make a deposit and start spinning for real winnings.

🎰 How much should one bet in Raging Rhino Slot Online?

The bet per line starts at 0.4 and goes all the way up to 80. However, keep in mind that if you want to bet on all the 4k+ possibilities, you need to be betting on all the lines.

🎰 What do I need to get to win the highest payout in Raging Rhino Slot Online?

With a good bet and a roll for 6 diamonds, you can win up to 80k coins.

🎰 Raging Rhino Slot Online is available from my phone, isn’t it?

It sure is! Mobile or desktop, play on any device you wish.