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The name may have already given it away, but this is another Greek mythology slot to add to your Ancient History collection. This time we travel to Mount Olympus itself to meet the gods. Much like humans, they can also be inspiring and lively enjoying a little bit of wine when they want and playing around when they need it.

Kronos is known for being one of the first gods to set this whole thing up. The father of Zeus and the most feared Titan of them all, in this video slot you actually want him to be on your side because as a wild symbol, stacked up well, he can give you as much as 100 free spins.

Review & Experience

The 5 reels and 20 pay lines of this video slot are beautifully ornate on the background of Mount Olympus cloudy sky and the winning combinations can be collected both left to right and the other way around. The theme of Greek mythology is depicted also through the symbols including those of many mythical gods and creatures such as Kronos himself and his throne, Pegasus and some bracelets and temples to follow with card suits.

This WMS online slot has the distinctive software style of other WMS games. Regardless, WMS does have some great products full of innovative solutions for players both online and offline. If there is a provider whose games you want to keep playing, WMS are definitely the ones.

Gameplay & Bonus Features

While the winning combinations may be collected both ways, a player is required to spin for over 3 matching symbols for a reward. The wild symbol of the game is the lion with scatters embodied in the gold medallion. While they can appear only on certain reels, the stacked symbols feature so to say makes up for this as it increases the number of winning combinations a gambler can get.

The bonus even to play for here is the free spins. Having played for 3 gold medallions on a spin, we were able to finally unlock it. We did try it in practice mode first, not to waste too much money. We also learned that the more medallions, the bigger the reward. For 10 spins you need 3, for 25 you need 4, and for 100 you need 5. We weren’t able to collect a total of 5 even in demo mode, but there are examples on the Internet of winners who got luckier. Remember though, spinning for fun is great, but you need to switch to real bets if you want to actually collect some winnings.

Besides, everything we did not collect increases your chances of spinning for it. After all, that’s how statistics and random number choices work – some win and some lose. Hopefully, you’ll be among the first.


While the Kronos may seem a bit simple at first glance, but it does have some wins to unlock. Remember to try to stay on the right side of the gods and perhaps they will smile upon you favorably and grant you some lucky spins. If you read this review, then you already know their names, so we’d say you are off to a good start.


🎰 What’s the return to player on the Kronos slot?

The RTP is positioned at 95.86% which is above average for many online slots out there, so your chances are good.

🎰 How many free spins can I get in one go?

According to game rules, you can be very lucky and get 100 free spins at once, which is more than most other online slots offer.

🎰 What are the bet ranges in Kronos online slot?

You can bet as little as 0.20 or as much as 60 coins.

🎰 Where can I play Kronos online slot for real money?

See the list of credible casinos we’ve compiled and choose the one which seems to bring out your luck.