Battle of The Gods Slot Game Review

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Stories have been told, books have been written, movies have been made, and now slots have been developed about the battle of the gods and titans. The wrangle that ensued between the two groups was rooted in the attempt to establish who would rule humans and the earth. There is a lot of mythological details in the narrative, and Go Totech has captured some of the essential aspects in the slot game to give you the most authentic experience.

Gameplay and Features

Battle of the Gods has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Go Toers get to determine how many active lines they want at the start of each game. At this point, you will need to set a bet for each active line. You can stake anything from 0.01-1250. This bet margin allows players with different bankrolls to enjoy the thrill of this godly adventure.

The slot has an auto-play feature that allows you to sit back and watch the clash between the gods and titans as the reels spin to give you a winning combination. The game design depicts the intensity of the interaction between the two powerful groups.

The graphics have been designed to give a clear distinction between the two sides, with the god icons having a blue background, while the titans have a red hue. Some of the characters you will see on the reels representing the different sides include Poseidon, Uranus, Chaos, Hestia, Chronos, Gain Rheia, and Coeus.

There’s a lot of speculation as to what happens on Mount Olympus with different people exploring various possibilities of the Battle of the Gods. In the slot, your focus is on walking away with gifts from the two groups. Hence, you are looking to make winning combinations with three of a kind of standard symbols.

While all these icons will give you a win of some magnitude, there are a few that come with more rewards. These are:

  1. Wings – this is the wild symbol, and it substitutes for others in winning combinations. 5 of these on your screen gives you 10000 coins.
  2. Temple – this is the scatter symbol. 3 temple icons activate the free spins feature. This gives you more playtime and more opportunities to win.

Bonus Features

There is a unique twist to the bonus game on the Battle of Gods. Here, gamblers need to face two battles. First, there is the god’s mode where 5 Olympians are displayed on the reels. Once these stop spinning, the titan’s mode is activated, and you get 8 free spins.


This adventure is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences you are likely to have while playing slots. You get to walk amongst the mighty and powerful as they battle. This, together with the numerous underlying opportunities to make massive wins, is one of the reasons players are inclined to play Battle of the Gods.


🎰 Where can I play Battle of the Gods online for real money?

The slot game is available across online casinos that use Go Totech software.

🎰 Can I play Battle of the Gods for free?

Yes. Go Totech has developed a demo version to give players a taste of what they should expect from the real money game. You can play for free if you are looking for a fun slot.

🎰 What is the RTP of Battle of the Gods?

94.04. This number varies from one casino to the next.

🎰 Is Battle of Gods available on mobile?

Yes. You can play on Android and iOS devices.