Aztec Treasure Slot Online

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Main gaming details

Symbols play very important role in the game procedure, you are to learn all of them to succeed in this free online slot. Having noticed the Pyramid on the screen you can congratulate yourself for it is the Wild symbol and, therefore, it will grant you substantial earnings. Five of them automatically multiply your win by 900 000.

There is one more pleasant sign – the Bird, which signals of the bonus round beginning with 15 free spins, considerably improving your material situation. Take into consideration that in the bonus game each winning combination is automatically multiplied by three. No doubt, you will gain your lump sum.

To make your significant win still more attractive, you can take a chance in the risk game. Just choose a red or a black card, and having guessed the Dealer’s choice, you will double your earnings.

Why should the player get excited about Aztec Treasures?

This is the kind of free online video slot by Novomatic providing you with a marvelous opportunity to have the easy win as there is no need to concentrate on the numerous rules. The generosity of the main hero makes your big earnings realistic than ever before.